Quran for Kids and Beginners

Quran for kids and beginners
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Quran for kids and beginners course design for kids and for beginners. In this course student will learn Noraani qaida and Nazra quran with tajweed . After completing qaida student will start nazra quran with tajweed. In this course you can also get kids special course free.

Being a Muslim, you must know the meaning of the Holy Qur’an and how necessary it is to learn it during your life. From the first day we taught to read and recite the glorious verses with rhythm and fluency. But most of the time, very little emphasis¬† on studying the message contained in those verses. This is where we make the first mistake.

Understanding the Qur’an and contemplating its commandments is what gives us the right to be consider Muslims. Of course, there is a great value associate with recitation and a reward equally valued for it. But reading it with understanding connect spiritually with Allah Almighty.
The Arabic word “tajweed” means to improve, to make the Arabic word better for elocution or correct pronunciation. It is a complete set of rules form by the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) .
The rules of recitation and Tajweed apply to the Holy Qur’an while our beloved Prophet (PBUH) read, recited and pronounced the words of the Qur’an with Tajweed. Therefore, it is our duty to follow our beloved Prophet’s(PBUH) Sunnah.


  • Nonari Qaida

    in this course student will familir with arabic alpabet and also learn how to prnouce .

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  • Nazra Quran

    after complateing the qaida student will start nazra quran .

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