Arabic Grammar Course

Arabic Grammar Course
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In Arabic Grammar course, you will learn all the rules and regulations of the Arabic grammar. As a result, student will be able to make Arabic sentences as well as can translate Arabic to Urdu.

Further more,this course is divided into 4 levels and 14 stages. So, It encompass the breadth and depth of the Arabic language. As a result, you will understand the true essence of Quran.

About Course

Designed by Certified Ulama. So,we focuses on 5 most important skills like listening, reading, speaking, speaking and writing.

The curriculum is divided into 2 preliminary levels that provide a solid foundation followed by 3 levels A, 3 levels B, 3 levels C and 3 levels D .As a result,students will understand the language and use it in a real way

Arabic Arabic curriculum

What you will learn

Learning goals:

Perfect the pronunciation and writing of Arabic letters.
Recognize Arabic phonetics and its composition in words.
Recognize the points of Arab articulation.
Enable effective expression through a variety of short conversations
Enable conversation freely with others
Develop the ability to write in Arabic.
For the reading program, study the SirĂ¡ of the prophet and read a variety of topics of SirĂ¡ and topics of Islamic history to expand the vocabulary.
For the grammar curriculum, study the basics of Arabic grammar.

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