Dars e Nizami 1 Year Course

Dars e Nizami 1 year short course
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Quran Qari Online offers 1 Years Dars e Nizami (alim) short Course. Further more, we provide a structured Islamic educational approach to classical Islamic scholarship. In addition,  QQO offers a flexible learning environment and imparts an educational experience that is both academically rigorous and spiritually uplifting. Thus, All courses emphasize the importance of using religious knowledge as a mean to increase our connection with Allah (swt).
Further more, the courses of Darse Nizami  are based on the Qur’an and the Sunnah. So, these courses are based on the rich academic tradition of the Islamic civilization with a respect for all scholars of Ahl al-Sunnah wal-Jama’ah.   Therefore, these courses have been attended by thousands of men and women from dozens of countries around the world.

Therefore,Learning the quran is equally mandatory for Muslim men and women. Hence,Muslims begin to learn the Koran from the first years of life. So,Attachment to the Qur’an through its learning brings us closer to the Creator and Barakah in this life. As a result,it will be a source of great reward in the future.

Above all, Quran Qari Online has given you the opportunity to obtain knowledge of Islam under the guidance of great Islamic scholars. Therefore, here is your opportunity to move forward and take the initiative. So, learn and preach to others the virtues and ethics of our religion . Therefore, it would be your responsibility to present the true essence of Islam to the people and obtain sawab-e-Jariah.

Course contents:

1. Ilm -Ul-Sarf and  Ilm-Ul-Nahw
2. Ilm-Ul-Adab and Ilm-Ul-Balaghat
3. Ilm-Ul-Mantik and   Ilm-Ul-Falsafa
4. Ilm-Ul-Fiqh and  Ilm-U-Usool-Lil-Fiqh
5. Ilm-U-Usool-Lil-Hadees and Ilm-Ul-Hadees
6. Ilm-U-Usool-Lil-Tafseer and Ilm-Ul-Tafseer
7. Ilm-Ul-Kalam
So,All the topics in this course will be taught from authentic books. Further more,Our goal is to provide such Alim and Alimat to our Muslim Umma that will paraphrase the true Islam. As a result,we will be able to spread the true message of the islam.

Duration of this course is 8 years and consists of three levels:

Primary Level 
1. Ilm –Ul-Sarf
2. Ilm-Ul-Nahw
3. Ilm-Ul-Adab

Secondary Level 

1. Ilm-Ul-Balaghat and Ilm-Ul-Mantik
2. Ilm-U-Usool-Lil-Fiqh and Ilm-Ul-Fiqh

Third Level Comprises

1. Ilm-Ul-Falsafa
2. Ilm-Ul-Kalam
3. Ilm-U-Usool-Lil-Hadees and Ilm-Ul-Hadees
4. Ilm-U-Usool-Lil-Tafseer and Ilm-Ul-Tafseer

Therefore, Quran Qari online also offers Dars e nizami 4 years and 8 years  courses.

4 years Dars e nizami short course

8 year Dars e nizami  course

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